Indianapolis Home Show Highlights Water Saving Technology

Grundfos’ hot water system eliminates the wait for hot water at showerheads and sink taps

2014 Indianapolis Home Show Grundfos Stop The Water Wait Hot Water System

The 2014 Indianapolis Home Show, Jan. 29 to Feb. 2, sets the stage for Grundfos to showcase its on-demand hot water system, which can save Indianapolis homeowners up to 12,000 gal of water per year by eliminating the wait for hot water at showerheads and sink taps.

Although “water pumps” and “sexy” are words seldom used together, Home Show visitors may do just that after visiting Grundfos’ booth. With the help of towel-clad models, branded loofahs and a little bit of innuendo, the campaign asks consumers, “What are you waiting for?” urging them to treat their families to the comfort of instant hot water.

“It’s incredibly easy to stop the water wait,” said Jackie Sharrock, director of sales for Grundfos’ Domestic Buildings Services. “With an installation time of less than two hours, Grundfos’ on-demand hot water system is a simple way to make your home more comfortable and eco-friendly. Our system saves thousands of gallons of water per year — all while using less energy than a 25-watt light bulb. ”

Priced between $500 and $750, including installation, the hot water system is a way for consumers to contribute to water and energy conservation efforts without sacrificing their personal comfort. If one in five Indianapolis households installed the technology in their homes, the city would collectively save more than 845 million gal of water per year — that is nearly 25 million full bathtubs.

Show visitors are invited to explore Grundfos’ booth to learn how they can save water, money and time through a user-friendly calculator that allows them to enter the length of time wasted while waiting for hot water to flow to their showers and faucets. They can send messages to their social networks from the booth on touchscreens that mimic writing on a steamy bathroom mirror. For homeowners ready to stop their water wait, booth staff also will help link them to local plumbers who can help them purchase systems for their homes.


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