Industrial RO Systems

RO-300 series units can come with multimedia and activated carbon prefilters, water softeners with a brine tank and UV sterilizers. RO-300 units can also be customized to include chemical dosing, cleaning skids, antiscalant and more. They can accommodate between 13,000 to 32,000 gpd, with feedwater total dissolved solids of 1,000 ppm to 5,000 ppm. The series’ standard features include 4-in. TFC spiral wound membranes, a PVC membrane housing, an epoxy-painted steel frame, a stainless steel multistage pump with a TEFC motor, a 5 micron cartridge prefilter, a microprocessor, programmable time delay and set points, status lamps, low- and high-pressure switches, liquid-filled pressure gauges and permeate and concentrate flow meters.


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