Mexel Treatment Kills Legionella in Cooling Towers, Industrial Applications

March 11, 2016
Product controls biofouling in non-potable industrial water systems

Mexel U.S.A., LLC announced conclusive laboratory test results proving the ability of its Mexel 432/0 water treatment to eliminate harmful Legionella pathogens in cooling towers and other industrial cooling systems. Fatal outbreaks of the disease attributable to building cooling towers in several states have increased the urgency of implementing proven prevention methods. Testing was conducted by the independent experts at the Special Pathogens Laboratory in Pittsburgh, Pa.

The confirmation of toxicity to Legionella Pneumophila, serogroup 1 comes in close succession after a highly successful field trial in a 4,000‐ton chiller/cooling tower where biological control of the system was demonstrated under real world operating conditions. The improvement in total bacteria counts, an important indicator of potential health risks, is attributed to the ability of Mexel to prevent and control the biofilm that fosters biological fouling, including the Legionella bacteria. The same trial showed control of scaling, corrosion and sedimentation in the towers and chillers, with results superior to those technicians experienced in the past when performing scheduled maintenance.

Mexel 432/0 is a product used to control biofouling in non‐potable industrial water systems. Special Pathogens Laboratory performed time kill assays of the product at three concentrations (1, 2, and 3 ppm) to determine if it has biocidal activity against Legionella pneumophila, serogroup 1. The Mexel 432/0 product demonstrated dramatic reduction in Legionella pneumophila, serogroup 1 viability in in vitro testing. The results show that Mexel 432/0 has 100% lethality when the bacteria are exposed for 30 minutes to concentrations of 2 ppm or more. With concentrations of 2 and 3 ppm killing was immediate with >6.0 log reduction in viability within 30 minutes of exposure.

The Mexel program requires only pump, controller and proprietary emulsion. Because the Mexel treatment focuses on coating the internal surfaces rather than treating the water itself, less monitoring of water chemistries and chemical levels is needed. The single Mexel emulsion replaces several chemicals used in much larger quantities substantially reducing the labor and maintenance costs as well as the equipment and storage space required. Mexel also offers financial returns by improving the efficiency of heat transfer. Mexel 432/0 is an EPA registered biocide

Source: Mexel U.S.A., LLC