Industry Representatives Discuss POU Technology with Congress

WQA encourages public officials to consider water issues

WQA encourages public officials to consider water issues

Leaders in the water treatment industry met with top public officials in Congress to provide education on the issues and opportunities they are facing.

In sessions in early October and throughout the 2010 Water Quality Assn. (WQA) Mid-Year Leadership Conference, WQA staff and senior association members discussed how point-of-use (POU) technology should be included in long-term federal planning.

Industry representatives met with senior Congressional staff from committees charged with regulating environment and public works, science and technology, and energy and natural resources.

“As water issues become more prominent nationally, we have been working harder to make sure our industry is part of the strategy on the state and federal level,” said Peter J. Censky, executive director of WQA.

Industry representatives encouraged public officials to consider that the most practical solution to water-related issues is to regulate POU and curbside systems into the current regulatory paradigm.

“It is up to policymakers to invent new regulations and permissions to implement this new approach,” Censky said. “As a nation, we have the framework capabilities, testing abilities and certification regime to meet the coming challenge.”

Water Quality Assn.

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