Infilco Degremont and Ozonia North America Form Disinfection Group

Infilco Degremont, Inc. and Ozonia North America, both members of The Degremont Group’s North American business line, announced the consolidation of their respective disinfection technologies and personnel into a Disinfection Group effective July 1, 2005. The Disinfection Group will be based in Elmwood Park, New Jersey and will operate under the Ozonia North America name. It will market Infilco Degremont’s line of Aquaray ultraviolet disinfection equipment for water and wastewater treatment, as well as Ozonia’s line of ozone generators and UV systems.

"The newly formed group will not only be a single source provider of our existing disinfection product lines, but will also be poised to develop innovative disinfection technologies for future market demands," said Joe Giannone, president of Ozonia North America and Chief Operating Officer of Infilco Degremont. "By combining resources, we gain greater efficiencies and expertise as we move into an exciting new phase of disinfection research, capabilities, and offerings."

Infilco Degremont, Inc. owns 49% of Ozonia North America, the remainder of which is owned by Degremont, S.A. Degremont employs more than 3,500 people in over 70 countries and is part of SUEZ Environment, the premier environmental specialist in advanced water and waste services. SUEZ is an international multi-utility provider that employs over 190,000 people and had sales in excess of $40 billion in 2003.

Infilco Degremont, Inc.

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