Dec 05, 2006

Infiltrator Systems, Inc. Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation in the Onsite Wastewater Industry

Infiltrator Systems, Inc. (ISI) recently celebrated 20 years of innovation and technical excellence in the onsite wastewater industry. ISI is the original manufacturer of plastic leachfield drainage chambers. The company is based in Old Saybrook, Conn., with manufacturing facilities in Winchester, Ky., and Ogden, Utah.

Since 1986, ISI has introduced products that meet increasingly stringent environmental and regulatory onsite wastewater treatment requirements. Looking forward, ISI continues to be committed to providing installers, designers and property owners with superior, cost-efficient solutions for their onsite septic needs.

Infiltrator septic drainfield systems are approved in all 50 states and 10 Canadian provinces. There are over 1.5 million Infiltrator systems installed and more than 42 million chambers in-ground worldwide. Infiltrator chamber systems have stood the test of time with a history of performance since 1987. Today, one in four septic systems in the U.S. is an Infiltrator chamber system.

“What began in our founder’s own backyard as a great idea for a new leachfield drainage technology is now a worldwide environmental solution for the onsite wastewater industry,” said Roy Moore, president of ISI. “This industry has evolved a long way from ISI’s beginnings. Looking ahead, there is still a great deal of room for growth and innovative thinking.”

Infiltrator chambers improve the performance of onsite septic systems by delivering greater infiltrative capacity and long-term reliability. The technology is based on fundamental principles of physics, soil science and geology. It offers performance advantages that have furthered the industry’s goals of protecting public health, improving water quality and conserving precious natural resources.

In 2005, Infiltrator Systems sold a controlling interest of the company to Graham Partners, Inc. The acquisition provided ISI with the opportunity to further expand its commitment to product development. Graham Partners is a lower middle market industrial private equity firm based in suburban Philadelphia and is sponsored by the Graham Group of York, Penn., an industrial concern with global interests in plastics, packaging, machinery, building products and outsource manufacturing.

Today, Infiltrator is a worldwide company with nearly 500 employees. With innovative products and services, ISO-9002 certified manufacturing facilities, creative recycling solutions and the development of new subsidiaries, Infiltrator is poised to offer a total approach to water quality. The future lies in a global effort to identify new technologies and to improve water quality and wastewater management worldwide.