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With the 2008 Olympics set to begin this month in Beijing, NBC announced it will be using the event as research to better understand how people use different media platforms to experience the games. The network has said it hopes the research will provide a comprehensive picture of how people supplement television with other tools such as video streaming, video on demand and mobile phones.

This goes to show that the simple days of receiving information from newspapers or television are not so anymore. We now live in a multimedia world where we can receive news not only in print or on TV but also by turning to our computers or cell phones for Internet access, where information is available at our fingertips.

NBC said it will be working with other research companies to gather the information. In addition, it will conduct an online survey of 500 consumers every day of the Olympics—which runs for 17 days—asking detailed questions about how much they are using different media platforms.

With information available in so many different places, it is helpful to have a single comprehensive resource to turn to when you need something fast. For current industry information, the Water Quality Products annual Buyer’s Guide is an excellent print medium.

Within the pages of the 2008-2009 Buyer’s Guide is a comprehensive listing of the water treatment industry’s best product and service suppliers, new product information, website listings and industry association listings. You will also find a special editorial section, which includes results from our 2007-2008 State of the Industry Report in which WQP conducted some research of our own. In September 2007, WQP sent out an electronic survey asking detailed questions of our subscribers in order to gain a better understanding of the issues that are important to our industry at this time.

And for those of you who would prefer to locate supplier and product directories on the Internet rather than in print, the electronic version of this guide is also available on our website,

We hope this year’s Buyer’s Guide will provide you the essential information you need to achieve business success this year.

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