Feb 25, 2020

Iowa Residents Brainstorm Five-Year Soil & Water Conservation Plan

Linn County, Iowa, resident have been called upon to contribute their ideas to the creation of a five year Soil and Water Resource Conservation Plan.

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Linn County, Iowa, residents are being invited to contribute their ideas to the creation of a five-year Soil and Water Resource Conservation Plan.

This plan could address water quality, flooding and soil preservation, reported the Gazette

A public meeting hosted by Linn Soil and the Water Conservation District board will give residents the opportunity to provide feedback.

“We are an agriculturally productive state, and having soil preserved for future generations is critically important,” said John Whitaker, executive director of the Conservation Districts of Iowa.

The Linn County meeting will be from 10 to 11:30 a.m. Febr. 27, 2020 at the Lowe Park Arts and Environment Center. A second meeting is set for 7:30 a.m. Mar. 3, 2020 at the NRCS Office, 891 62nd St., Marion.

Whitaker is making it a priority for each conservation district to have a plan in place by the end of 2021, according to the Gazette.

“If you look at Cedar Rapids and the flooding that has occurred on the river, if we were to increase soil health, we increase infiltration, and the water that does run off runs off more slowly and carries less nutrients,” said Whitaker. “Keeping nutrients in the field is beneficial to producers and downstream water consumers.”

Cover crops will be incorporated in the new plans to help with soil erosion, improving water quality and soil health, according to Whitaker.

Fifty people representing all areas of the community were invited to the meeting, reported the Gazette. The aim is for these representatives to help identify what conservation efforts should be made over the next few years and who else the Soil and Water Conservation can partner with.

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