Innovations Added to StormFilter Underground Filtration System

Expands Application for Water Detention

Stormwater Management Inc. announced design innovations to The Stormwater Management StormFilter underground filtration system, its patented signature product line.

A newly engineered air lock cap allows engineers a solution to manage water quality volumes (WQV), while simultaneously treating stormwater to meet applicable water quality standards. With this new configuration, the StormFilter system can now store significant WQV in the same vault with Stormfilter cartridges, thus reducing total system costs and providing a solution for urban areas with WQV requirements.

"It marks a significant step forward in treating runoff where volume creates additional challenges," said David Pollock, CEO of Stormwater Management.

The new "air lock cap" for the StormFilter cartridge is configured to permit air to escape the check valve, while preserving an air-filled void within the check valve cap assembly. Therefore, it is now possible to store up to 9 feet of stormwater within the StormFilter vault, on top of the cartridges used for treating water. This advance now eliminates the need for upstream storage of large water quality volumes.

Stormwater Management, Inc.

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