Jul 08, 2011

Innovative Water Technologies Inc. Selected as One of the Colorado Companies to Watch

Awards recognize companies that develop new products and improve Colorado economy

Innovative Water Technologies Inc. (IWT) has joined a select group of Colorado companies to be recognized as one of the Colorado Companies to Watch.

“This is an exciting time for our business as we move towards our five-year anniversary,” said Jack Barker, IWT president. “It’s an honor to be recognized alongside such an impressive group of Colorado businesses.” Colorado Companies to Watch honors second-stage companies that develop valuable products and services, create quality jobs, enrich communities and create new industries throughout Colorado.

“We are pleased to recognize Innovative Water Technologies Inc. for its outstanding contribution to fueling the economic fire of our wonderful state. Thank you Innovative Water Technologies,” said Stephanie Steffens, Colorado Companies to Watch program director.

“The number of lives that have been impacted by the ability to access safe drinking water with a Sunspring is growing every day,” said Carmen Barker, IWT vice president. “We are thrilled to be recognized and be given the opportunity to connect with so many leaders within the community as part of Colorado Companies to Watch. As we grow, we look forward to having an even greater impact here in Colorado and around the globe.”

The Sunspring was introduced in 2007 and has already been in use in remote areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo, India and Nigeria, where access to clean water and power is limited. It has also been an important part of disaster relief in Haiti. The units have been instrumental in providing clean, safe drinking water for thousands of Haitians and relief workers, and many of the units have moved from emergency camps to become permanent fixtures in orphanages, schools and hospitals. In addition to being recognized within the state of Colorado, IWT’s solar water purification system, the Sunspring, was awarded validation from GE’s global “healthymagination” initiative.