Integrated Water Resources Earns DOE Mentor-Protege Team Award

Integrated Water Resources, Inc. recently was presented with the Department of Energy's Mentor-Protege Team Award on May 12 in Washington D.C., at the 2003 DOE Small Business Award Ceremony.

As a Protege to Westinghouse Savannah River Company, IWR received the award "in recognition of (IWR's) outstanding achievement ..." as the Protege in the "most significant Mentor-Protege team."

Westinghouse Savannah River Company ("WSRC"), the DOE-appointed site manager for the Savannah River Site ("SRS") in Aiken, South Carolina initiated the Mentor-Protege partnership with IWR in April 2000, and has renewed the agreement on two subsequent occasions.

The WSRC and IWR team has successfully completed two environmental remediation contracts, and is presently working together on a third multi-year contract executed in July of 2003. IWR holds a nationwide license for a patented environmental remediation technology toolbox, developed with DOE funding at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, called Dynamic Underground Stripping/Hydrous Pyrolysis Oxidation ("DUS/HPO").

This group of technologies uses subsurface steam injection to rapidly mobilize and remove contaminants. IWR won an initial design-build-operate contract with WSRC for deployment of these technologies at SRS in 1999 and the project achieved contract criteria for success several months ahead of schedule.

IWR completed a design for a second DUS/HPO system at SRS in September of 2002, and is presently providing technical support services associated with the construction and operations of this larger scale DUS/HPO system.

IWR is based in Santa Barbara, Calif., and specializes in the application of integrated advanced technologies for groundwater exploration, treatment, management and protection, and in the acquisition, development, marketing and management of water resource assets and pursues opportunities to acquire, consolidate, and own water assets in the western United States.

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