Dec 30, 2014

International Red Cross Provides Water to Syrian Refugees in Jordan

The influx of Syrian refugees is straining Jordanian water supplies and wastewater facilities

With the influx of hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees into the northern governorates of Jordan, the demand for water has grown significantly. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has expanded its water activities to meet people's needs.

The influx of Syrian refugees into Jordan is placing considerable strain on local water supplies and wastewater disposal capacity. North Badia in particular has been seriously affected by the refugee crisis. "The increased refugee population in the host communities has created an additional burden for an already aging water supply system," said Danielle Brunton, who coordinates the ICRC's water and habitat programs in Jordan.

In September, the ICRC signed a memorandum of understanding with the Yarmouk Water Co., which is responsible for water and sanitation services in four northern governorates, to upgrade the water infrastructure in eight of the areas of North Badia most affected by the refugee influx.

"What we are aiming at is to improve the quantity, quality and consistency of water supply for approximately 120,000 people in northern host communities," Brunton said. The transmission and distribution pipe networks, water treatment plants, pump stations and water wells in Mafraq and Rweyshid also will be improved and modernized.