Intl. Desalination Assn. Presents Presidential Awards

IDA presents awards at the World Congress 2013 in Tianjin, China

Intl. Desalination Assn. Presidential Awards All President Award 2012 China

The Intl. Desalination Assn. (IDA) announced the recipients of seven Presidential Awards at the IDA World Congress 2013 in Tianjin, China. In addition, IDA presented a special All Presidents Award to Patricia A. Burke, IDA’s secretary general.

The Presidential Awards are conferred upon individuals and organizations whose work on behalf of IDA and the desalination industry demonstrates outstanding achievement, leadership and vision. This year’s recipients are:

  • Khoo Teng Chye in recognition of his outstanding performance as the technical program co-chairperson of the 2013 IDA World Congress.
  • Professor Wang Shi Chang in recognition of his dedication and outstanding achievement as the technical program co-chairperson of the 2013 IDA World Congress.
  • Guillaume Clairet for his work as co-chair of IDA’s Humanitarian Outreach Committee and his vision, dedication and efforts in organizing IDA’s highly successful conference “Water Recycling and Desalination for the Oil & Gas Industry.”
  • Michel Canet in recognition of his long-term dedication and commitment to IDA, and for his clear, professional and proactive performance as IDA’s treasurer for the 2011-2013 term.
  • Ghassan Ejjeh in recognition of his significant contribution to IDA’s development during his presidency and for his years of commitment to IDA’s goals and mission, particularly as an advocate of international cooperation while serving on the IDA Board of Directors.
  • MASDAR for conceiving a milestone initiative on low energy footprint, renewable desalination and for its focus on bridging the gap between research and commercialization of new desalination technologies.
  • PUB, Singapore’s Public Utilities Board, for its longstanding commitment to the sustainability of water and desalination, and in recognition of the special relationship between PUB and IDA, reflected in ongoing collaboration on many important events and initiatives.

Patricia A. Burke became the first recipient of an All Presidents Award, presented on the occasion of IDA’s 40th Anniversary on behalf of IDA’s membership and all IDA presidents, current and past, in recognition of her enduring commitment to the organization. Burke has been dedicated to IDA since its inception, and the award acknowledges her many contributions, leadership and passion towards the mission of IDA and its developments, achievements and success.

Intl. Desalination Assn.

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