Itron Provides Clemson University with Software to Improve Energy Efficiency on Campus

Itron, Inc. announced a contract with Clemson University in South Carolina to provide Itron’s Enterprise Energy Management™ (EEM) software solutions to help the university reduce energy costs and improve conservation.

Itron’s EEM Suite of energy management software will help Clemson’s facility management team by providing detailed visibility into energy consumption for buildings and facilities throughout the campus, along with easy-to-use software tools to improve energy billing, facility management and energy procurement.

Clemson University is one of a growing number of universities that has implemented its own meter data collection and software system from Itron to gain better visibility into usage of energy and water resources across campus.

“With the combination of Itron’s meter data collection system, and the EEM Suite for billing and energy accounting, Itron’s solutions fit our business needs better than anyone else in the market,” said Jeff Hinson, utilities director for Clemson University. “When we looked at other technology providers, we found we would have to do too much customization to make it work. Itron showed us exactly how we could reduce costs and recover revenue with little effort and delivered the solution.”

Clemson University buildings are owned and operated by the state, and university officials must report energy consumption building by building. The university used to record each of its 900 meters on campus manually, but Itron technology now automates part of that process, and eliminates paper orders, which further eliminates errors and estimations. In addition, Hinson said Clemson also has dormitories and ancillary buildings, such as athletics, that must be self-funded.

“We will be able to look at all the buildings and identify the ones that are costly for us because they are inefficient,” Hinson said. “Itron’s EEM Suite will allow us to record energy usage, and put that data to use to control costs, improve facility management and capture the lost revenue. The EEM Suite is expected to maximize our revenue recovery.”

Philip Mezey, senior vice president for Itron software solutions, said Clemson University joins a growing number of innovative universities using Itron’s EEM Suite to save money and manage energy resources more effectively.

“Universities and colleges across the country are under mounting pressure to do more with less,” Mezey said. “With energy costs taking such a larger bite out of campus budgets, Itron’s EEM Suite helps universities such as Clemson University take charge of their energy use and drive down costs, enabling them to direct more resources toward their core mission – educating students.”

Itron, Inc.

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