IUVA Announces Americas Conference

Austin, Texas, to host event Feb. 5 to 8

UV ultraviolet water disinfection conference, IUVA

With accelerating global concerns about the need for water, air and surfaces disinfection, the International Ultraviolet Assn. (IUVA) announced the 2017 IUVA Americas Conference, Feb. 5 to 8, 2017, in Austin, Texas. This event will present the latest on transformative ultraviolet processes for water, municipal, health, industrial and other fields that are poised to increasingly benefit from this technology.

Conference topics will include the emergence of disinfection technologies including UV-C LEDs; regulatory trends; applications to municipal drinking water, reuse water and wastewater; advanced oxidation systems; ballast water treatment; bacteria inactivation; post-pasteurization processing; and UV to address hospital-acquired infections.

In addition, IUVA will host a pre-conference workshop on UV LED on Monday, Feb. 5, and a post-conference workshop on advanced oxidation on Feb. 8. Attendees will be able to learn, network and visit a tabletop exhibition featuring several industry leading companies.

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