IWC Offers Something for Every Water Treatment Professional

If you have an interest in the industrial water treatment industry, start booking tickets to Orlando for this October. The city is hosting the 67th annual International Water Conference (IWC), which you won’t want to miss.

All major benefits of attending a conference—educational seminars, new technology, and networking—are mainstays of the IWC, which is the longest-running annual water treatment conference in the country. Because the IWC is a comprehensive gathering of water specialists, the conference center will be practically overflowing with potential for you and your segment of the industry. This conference draws its base from across the entire spectrum of the industry, giving attendees the chance to meet engineers, water chemists, plant operational managers, academics and researchers, utility supervisors, government regulators and business managers. This conference is not designed to cater to limited areas of the water world. No matter what segment of the water treatment industry you represent, you will be able to meet people who can teach you, learn from you and help you grow.

The IWC is not just a fantastic place to network; it is also known for its strong focus on education. Attendees can listen to an array of presentations covering wastewater, desalination and reuse, process water preparation, steam generation, temperature regulation and more. Last year’s IWC attendees saw presentations on heavy metal removal, raw water pretreatment, fouling control and developments in ion exchange technology, among many others. Presentations for this year’s conferences are continually being updated, so keep informed by visiting the IWC website at

This year’s IWC takes places Oct. 21 to 25. The event will take place at the Hilton at Walt Disney World Resort in sunny Orlando, Fla. The IWC website contains practical travel and lodging information about Orlando for attendees.

As always, those who plan ahead reap the greatest rewards, not to mention the best airfares. Be sure to reserve your spot early so you can take advantage of this conference.

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