Feb 20, 2012

IWG to Install UV Treatment Systems on Embraer Airplanes

Companies sign agreement for optional installations on Legacy 600 and 650 models

IWG Technologies Inc. announced the signing of a letter of agreement between Embraer SA of Brazil and International Water-Guard Industries Inc. for the optional installation of the IWG-A4 ultraviolet water treatment unit on Embraer Legacy 600 and Legacy 650 aircrafts.

"This is an important milestone for both IWG and Embraer," said David Fox, IWG's president and CEO. "For us, this is the beginning of a formal relationship with a very important and growing airframe manufacturer. For Embraer, this marks the introduction of active ultraviolet water treatment as a product option for its business jets. This will allow passengers and crew to benefit from a unique waterborne contamination protection system, wherever they are in the world.”

The first installation will be of an IWG-A4 water treatment unit on Embraer's demonstrator Legacy 650 aircraft in San Jose dos Campos, Brazil. The installation has been designed by International Water-Guard and its Brazilian partner, Avionics Services of Sao Paulo. It will be authorized under an ANAC STC, which will be followed by an FAA STC. The package will then be available for order for "green" Legacy 600/650 aircraft as well as retrofit, and may be ordered through Embraer Business Jets as well as International Water-Guard.