Aug 17, 2012

Jason Mraz Teams Up With Brita FilterForGood Music Project to Reduce Bottled Water Waste

Mraz’s collaboration with Brita supports environmentally responsible touring

Musician Jason Mraz has long avoided single-use plastic water bottles. Now, he is using his North American tour to encourage others to do the same.

Mraz is partnering with Brita and its FilterForGood Music Project to encourage music fans to reduce their bottled water waste during his "Tour is a Four Letter Word" tour. The 37-stop tour started Aug. 9, 2012, and runs through Oct. 7.

As part of his long-standing commitment to environmental preservation, Mraz invited the Brita FilterForGood Music Project to join the tour and help artists, fans and backstage crews reduce their bottled water waste. As a cornerstone to the tour's greening efforts led by nonprofit group REVERB, Brita will provide free filtered water stations so all concert-goers can use reusable bottles. The free filtered water will be a centerpiece of an Eco-Village that fans can visit at each show to get involved with local environmental organizations and volunteer for community service projects.

"Each and every one of us is responsible for leaving the planet in a better condition than how we found it. One simple but powerful action we can all take is eliminating our disposable water bottle usage. We're challenging our fans to ask themselves, 'Do I need to purchase a bottle of water or can I use a reusable bottle instead?'" Mraz said. "By working with Brita, we are able to provide our fans with an accessible alternative to bottled water that will keep an estimated 35,000 disposable bottles out of landfills and oceans by the end of the tour."