Jul 19, 2011

JM Eagle CEO Visits Africa to Tour Clean Water Projects

Company donated pipe and services to develop safe water systems for villages

Walter Wang, president and CEO of JM Eagle, recently concluded a tour of water infrastructure in Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya being constructed with hundreds of miles of plastic water pipe his company donated as part of his ongoing efforts to aid impoverished villages in Africa.

Shipped from JM Eagle’s plants in late 2009, the donation includes nearly 400 miles of a variety of 2.5- to 6-in. pipes worth approximately $2 million going to Kenya, Uganda, Mali, Malawi, Rwanda, Ghana and Tanzania. In addition to the product donation, Wang also provided funds to aid in the engineering and design of the project.

JM Eagle's latest donation is part of a multi-phased broader initiative, the Millennium Villages Project (MVP), launched by Columbia University's Earth Institute in 2005, which will aims to provide safer water to more than 125,000 people living in Africa's most needy communities.

In its initial phase, MVP used more than 70 miles of JM Eagle's plastic pipe to bring safe water to 67 villages and more than 13,500 people in Potou, Senegal. The Potou project has been in operation since September 2008 with 85 active taps now in use.

Wang was joined by Professor Jeffrey Sachs, director of Columbia University's Earth Institute, on the trip to remote villages in Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya.

Having toured Senegal at the completion of the first project in February 2009, Wang's latest visit is his second to Africa to witness firsthand the construction progress at the Millennium Villages his donations support and see the positive effect that a clean, reliable water supply is having on the people of these villages.

Walter and his wife, Shirley Wang, founder and CEO of Plastpro Inc., have long been supporters of efforts to bring clean water to communities. In 2005, through the Wangs' initiative, JM Eagle provided plastic pipe and other materials to transport drinking water from a mountain spring to a community of 5,000 people in Honduras and supported a project to develop water delivery and sanitation systems for communities in northern Thailand.