Keeping it Fresh

Al Lozier, CWS-VI, CI, CSR, learned the ropes of a running a successful water dealership from the ground up. He began selling residential filtration systems in 1988, and when his employer offered him the opportunity to start a satellite office the following year, Lozier gladly accepted. The result: Fresh KC Water, Shawnee, Kan.

“We wanted to be the different water treatment dealer—WQA [Water Quality Association] trained, approaching the customer from the service side instead of the sales side and offering products that fit the customer, not the dealership,” Lozier said.

Company Profile

Fresh KC Water sells, installs and services water softeners, reverse osmosis systems and carbon filters, also specializing in the production of potable water from lake, well and pond sources.

Eight staff members comprise the dealership: Lozier, four service technicians, two customer care representatives and one accountant. Together they serve a customer base that spans approximately north to St. Joseph, Mo., south to Clinton, Mo., west to Topeka, Kan., and east to Sedalia, Mo.

Connecting with Customers

Lozier attributes much of Fresh KC Water’s longevity and profitability to the company’s interest and investments in effective dealer-client communications. By building and maintaining a solid reputation in its state-straddling service area, Fresh KC Water has weathered the nation’s economic troubles well.

“We have found many people are staying home and enjoying their water more, needing us to service their equipment,” Lozier said.

One key tool the dealership staff uses to reach out to customers and potential customers is Fresh KC Water’s website, The well-received site, always a work in progress, offers information on common water problems and treatment options, owner’s manuals, kids’ science project instructions, a products store and more.

“I went with a Web service that allows me to make changes on the fly,” Lozier said. “It keeps it fresh.”

Lozier also regularly participates in WQA continuing education programs to learn and network, and Fresh KC Water is a member of the Pentair Platinum Dealer Network and its local chamber of commerce.

The ever-evolving Fresh KC Water is open to making use of new communication outlets as well. “We are looking at all the ways to contact and stay in contact with people today,” Lozier said. “It is moving fast, and the consumer has changed and has become more educated. We love to keep the competition guessing.”

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