Kemflo Intl. Invests in HydroNovation Inc.

Investment will allow final design and manufacturing scale-up of HydroNovation’s treatment systems

Kemflo Intl. Investment HydroNovation Inc Water Conditioning

Kemflo Intl. announced its first investment in HydroNovation Inc. as part of the company’s Series C financing. During this round, the 3M Co. also increased its preferred shareholdings. HydroNovation, based in based in San Francisco, Calif., is a developer of next generation water conditioning systems for residential and food service industry applications. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

The series C funding investment by Kemflo Intl. will allow final design and manufacturing scale-up of HydroNovation’s advanced water treatment systems.

HydroNovation was founded in 2008 by water technology pioneer Anil Jha to address hardness minerals and other ionic contaminants prevalent in many water supplies around the world. HydroNovation’s patented HydroDI technology is a chemical-free water treatment solution that employs electricity and ion exchange membranes for the removal of ions from water. The HydroDI system offers the consumer an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional water softening along with the elimination of salt handling and chloride discharge associated with these traditional water softening systems.

"We see Kemflo as both an important investment and strategic manufacturing partner based upon their extensive expertise in water treatment, water filtration and manufacturing at scale," said Anil Jha, founder and CEO of HydroNovation. “Our partnership with Kemflo enhances our ability to execute our manufacturing strategy and to continue the considerable progress that we’ve made to date.” HydroNovation has completed extensive successful field testing over the past two years throughout the U.S. with numerous point-of-entry systems at both residential and commercial locations.

“We welcome Kemflo’s decision to become part of HydroNovation’s consortium of investors and business partners. A strong and diverse team of partners will help to accelerate the company’s commercialization and production efforts to successfully deliver HydroDI systems to the market,” commented Stefan Gabriel, president of 3M New Ventures.

Kemflo Intl.

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