Kinetico Launches Expandable Treatment System at Aquatech

System provides faster flow, higher production rates

Kinetico, Inc., has developed the K-5 Drinking Water Station, the first customizable and expandable drinking water treatment system. This system raises the bar for NSF-certified water treatment systems by removing more contaminants than other NSF-certified systems on the market.

It provides faster flow rates and higher production rates than other comparable drinking water treatment systems.

The expandable system solves existing poor water quality issues as well as those that may develop in the future. The longevity of the station is due to its interchangeable, five-cartridge filter design. The station also produces approximately 25% more water than other comparable drinking water treatment systems, removes more contaminants than most systems on the Markey and produces biopure water with the Purefecta bacteria/virus cartridge.

Available through Kinetico’s national dealer network, consumers can learn more about the system and locate their local dealer at


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