KX Industries, L.P. Announces Expansion With Two New Facilities

Technology Center and Injection Molding and Light Assembly Facility Opened in Response to Increasing Customer Demand and Market Share

KX Industries, L.P., OEM manufacturer of carbon block filters for residential and commercial use, celebrated the grand opening of its new 65,500 square foot Technology Center in West Haven, Conn., and its new 135,000 square foot Injection Molding and Light Assembly Division (IMLAD) Plant in Watertown, Conn.

The additional space at the Technology Center will be used to expand laboratory and scientific development efforts in response to a significant increase in customer demand. "KX Industries, L.P., continues to lead the industry with major technological breakthroughs," says Dr. Evan Koslow, founder and CEO of KX Industries, L.P. "The Technology Center provides us with the scientific resources and expertise to develop innovative market-driven solutions."

The Technology Center will house the company’s microbiology, filter media, fiber development, and paper laboratory including facilities such as a modern paper pilot plant, nanofiber product pilot plant, activated carbon extruders, structures laboratory with SEM-EDAX, and filter test facilities. Engineering and product design functions including industrial design, chemical engineering and program management will also be located at this new facility.

The new IMLAD Plant offers KX Industries additional flexibility to meet customer’s specific product requirements. It will also open a new range of products and capabilities, adding to KX Industries’ highly successful line of MATRIKX® extruded activated carbon block filters and PLEKX® flat sheet solids-loaded filtration medium. Injection molding assets now spread among several injection molding facilities will be consolidated into this new plant.

"KX Industries, L.P.’s share of both the domestic and international markets is increasing dramatically," says newly appointed President and Chief Financial Officer, Donald Caulfield. "We have added employees, equipment, and capabilities to meet this future demand."

KX Industries, L.P.

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