Lane Construction Corp. Settles Clean Water Act Violations

Lane Construction Corp., based in Meriden, Conn., has settled alleged Clean Water Act violations at the company’s asphalt plants in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

EPA issued an order requiring the company to correct violations, and comply with applicable Clean Water Act requirements. Lane will pay a $51,500 penalty for allegedly failing to prepare and implement storm water pollution prevention plans and will take other steps to reduce water pollution from runoff at Lane-owned facilities.

Storm water runoff from industrial and construction sites often contains oil and grease, chemicals, nutrients and oxygen-demanding compounds and other pollutants. The Clean Water Act requires owners of certain industrial and construction operations to implement pollution-reducing "best management practices," such as spill prevention and runoff reduction safeguards, storage or coverage of materials that are likely to contaminate runoff, and employee training.

As part of the settlement, the company neither admitted nor denied the alleged violations. For more information about EPA’s storm water program, visit


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