Last Space Shuttle Launches With Water Purification Experiment on Board

Fisher Institute and Strauss Water designed technology to remove viruses and bacteria

An Israeli research team, headed by Dr. Eran Schenker from the Fisher Institute, in collaboration with Haim Wilder, vice president of research and development of Strauss Water and Professor Eyal Shimoni, chief scientist of Strauss Group, will test a new water purification technology under zero gravity in space. Developed by Strauss Water, it is a polymer-based biomedical technology designed to purify drinking water by effectively removing bacteria and viruses.

The data accumulated from the research in space will also have implications for purifying water on earth, as it has direct bearing on the field of drinking water purification in its broader context, the scientists said. This experiment may be important for the space industry as well, which is looking to improve the quality of water provided to astronauts on long missions.

The experiment is made possible via a commercial contract with NanoRacks LLC under its Space Act Agreement with NASA.

"This experiment coincides with the continuous effort of Strauss Water to develop new technologies and materials which will facilitate effective removal of bacteria and viruses under extreme conditions. A successful experiment will constitute an important milestone," Wilder said.

"As Strauss Water's technology targets diverse markets in the world, it can provide solutions to both developed and developing countries, while contending with various water qualities,” said Rami Ronen, CEO of Strauss Water. “Israel, a long-time world leader in sprinklers and irrigation systems, is now conducting a breakthrough in original drinking water purification technologies."


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