Nov 10, 2015

Lavit LLC Names Chief Operating Officer

Jim McCusker has more than 35 years of experience successfully managing companies in the small electrics housewares industry

Lavit LLC Jim McCusker

Lavit LLC announced that housewares industry veteran Jim McCusker has been appointed as chief operating officer. With more than 35 years of experience successfully managing companies in the small electrics housewares industry, McCusker will help advance the Lavit brand in both the commercial and home marketplaces.

“Jim brings rich and diverse ideas to a burgeoning housewares category, which is fueled by his extensive knowledge, experience and passion for the industry,” said Gian Matteo Lo Faro, founder of Lavit. “In his new role with Lavit, Jim will be responsible for production, sales, and research and development, with the end goal of delivering the best possible single-serve cold beverage product to market.”

McCusker joined Lavit in 2014 as president of the retail division, where he led the development of a single-serve cold beverage unit for the home.

Prior to joining the company, McCusker founded the De’Longhi business in the U.S. with the first arrival of oil-filled radiators. Under his leadership, De’Longhi America Inc. was established as a wholly owned subsidiary and the first subsidiary of De’Longhi SpA. From its initial product line of heaters, McCusker developed De'Longhi America into a prominent manufacturer of small electrics, including coffeemakers, espresso makers and toasters, among other products.

After retiring from De’Longhi, McCusker created a new business, Viante Home Products Co. For nearly six years, he built the product line to include a variety of small electrics and home-comfort products before selling Viante in 2013.

“Jim is a dynamic leader with a proven record for creating a market for niche products and I am confident his years of knowledge and demonstrated success will continue to help Lavit charter new territory and offer product excellence in the single-serve category,” Lo Faro said.