Layne Christensen Co. Opens Facility in Phoenix

Center of Excellence Facility will provide regeneration services and more for industrial and municipal customers

Layne Christensen Co. announced the opening of its Center of Excellence Facility in Phoenix.

With a 130-year commitment to the water industry, this newest addition to the company’s footprint is strategically positioned to provide sustainable and economical water treatment solutions for both industrial and municipal applications. Recognizing the growing population and the unique water chemistry challenges of the desert southwest, the facility accommodates regionally specific water treatment needs while also adding 40 highly skilled positions to the Valley of the Sun.

The 60,000-sq-ft facility centralizes the engineering and sales efforts of the Water Technologies Group, staffed with designers, engineers, chemists, PLC programmers, water treatment specialists and service technicians. This location is tooled and staffed for water and wastewater system engineering, arsenic media regeneration, deionization (DI) regeneration, membrane cleaning, equipment fabrication and pilot testing.

The center holds NSF 61 certification for the regeneration of Layne’s proprietary arsenic removal media, LayneRT, and has its first large-scale regeneration scheduled for September. In addition to LayneRT regeneration, the facility’s DI regeneration capacity is among the largest in the U.S.

Layne Christensen Co.

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