Dec 09, 2020

City in Illinois to Secure Funding for Lead Water Line Replacements

Sycamore, Illinois is on the path to getting funding for a proposed city lead water service replacement project.

lead service line

Sycamore, Illinois is in the process of potentially receiving funding from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency for a proposed city lead water service replacement project.

According to Sycamore City Manager Brian Gregory, the city has identified 150 existing service lines that run from public mains to private homes, reported the Daily Chronicle.

The proposed project is meant to help replace existing lead service lines as a preventative measure against lead exposure. City officials have taken several steps forward in the application process since first proposing the funding idea in February, which is a forgivable loan from the state agency.

“We have yet to officially receive word that we received the grant, or have secured the forgivable loan funds, but this public hearing is part of that process,” said Gregory.

The City Council also previously approved preliminary engineering plans for the project, reported the Daily Chronicle. Private residents are responsible for repairs of those lead service lines.

“However, with this program – which we applied for roughly just under $1 million – we are hoping to assist residents in replacing those water service lines," Gregory added.

It is unclear when exactly Sycamore will be notified of a decision, but if they receive notice from IEPA in late spring, they can go out for bid on the project in the summer.

“If everything worked out, we would have construction start in the fall,” Gregory said.

The city held a public hearing in an effort to get IEPA funding for a radium removal project as well. City officials clarified that the proposed lead water service replacement and the radium removal projects are independent projects.

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