Aug 23, 2017

Galesburg, Ill., Elementary Schools Find Lead in Drinking Water

Testing finds lead in solder of sinks and stops

Lead found in Galesburg schools

Three Galesburg, Ill., elementary schools shut off the water in their classrooms due to concerns regarding lead in the school drinking water.

Superintendent John Asplund said water testing discovered lead in sinks in three of the buildings. "It's only in what we call the cookie cutter schools, the buildings built in 1968," Asplund said.

Nielson, Gale, and parts of King elementary schools are of concern. The district traced the lead to solder holding together the sinks and the stops. The district plans to replace the fixtures over the coming months but will be able to turn the water back on soon.

"As long as we put proper signage up to let people know you can't drink that water," said Asplund.

School districts across Illinois will need to test their water this year if they have buildings built before 1987. Illinois school districts with buildings built between 1987 and 2000 must test for lead by the end of 2018. By law, all districts that test have to notify parents of the results.