May 07, 2020

Newark, New Jersey, Replaces 10,000th Lead Service Line

Newark, New Jersey, hit its 10,000th lead service line replacement milestone

lead in water

Newark, New Jersey, has replaced the city's 10,000th lead service line.

This is part of Newark’s Lead Service Line Replacement Program, which prioritizes the replacement of approximately 18,000 lead services over two years.  

Newark officials announced that the ongoing effort to replace 18,720 privately owned lead service pipes is continuing full steam ahead just a few days ago, according to Patch. These replacements were occurring at a rate of up to 100 per day, reported the city.

The 10,000th line was replaced on the 100-block of Magazine Street, according to Patch.

The repairs for the $134 million project come at no cost to homeowners. 

"We are still aggressively moving full speed ahead with the replacement of all lead service lines in the city, although we have been dealing with the unprecedented outbreak of a virus," Mayor Baraka stated, referencing the coronavirus. "In the midst of what is going on, providing our residents with access to clean drinking water remains a high priority."

According to Tiffany Stewart, assistant director of Newark's Water and Sewer Department, there has been good organization to work and move quickly down blocks, reported Patch.

"We want people to know these people are out here working, even through the coronavirus pandemic…it didn't slow us down a bit," said Sewer Utilities Director Kareem Adeem. "This is a big milestone for the residents of Newark and we want to thank them for their help and support over the last year."

In addition to the lead pipe replacements, the city is:

  • Distributing free water filters and filter replacement cartridges that remove 99% of lead to eligible residents; and
  • Operating the new corrosion control treatment (CCT) system at the City's Valley Road Rechlorination Station in Montclair, which adds zinc orthophosphate to the water system.

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