Mar 24, 2020

Post Lead Service Line Replacement Program in Newark, New Jersey

The city of Newark, New Jersey is partnering with 120Water for post lead service line replacement program


drinking water

120Water has been selected by the City of Newark, New Jersey to manage “The Newark Way of Thinking & Drinking” project.

This is a post lead service line (LSL) replacement program to provide residents with clean, safe and reliable drinking water. It was also mainly created to educate residents about the LSL replacement program and the actions they can take to reduce their exposure to lead in drinking water. This program also aims to increase the rate of return of water testing kits.

Newark began a 30-month LSL replacement program in 2019, according to the city. This initiative has the goal of replacing approximately 18,000 LSLs that deliver drinking water to residents at no cost to homeowners. 

“Newark’s effort to proactively communicate to residents is a model of what a modern lead service line replacement program should be,” said Megan Glover, CEO of 120Water. “The six-month post replacement sampling validates if the line replacement has effectively removed the lead threat in the drinking water and is crucial to the success of the program.”

The program developed includes: a multi-step direct mail campaign with educational content; interactive games; and a program to encourage residents to share the clean water mission. The team also wants to engage kids to make clean drinking water fun and educational.

It is expected that tap testing kits will be returned faster and at a higher rate by landlords and residents, according to the news release.

“Since tap water must be retested after a lead service line is replaced, we must rely on residents and landlords to ensure the testing takes place accurately and on time,” said Tiffany Stewart, Assistant Director at Newark’s Department of Water. “120Water serves as an extension of our staff to educate residents about the importance of the lead drinking water program, gain their cooperation, and ultimately create better public health.”

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