Feb 27, 2017

St. Joseph, La., Experiences High Lead Levels

Residents must drink bottled water for eight more months

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The State of Louisiana has provided bottled water to the residents of St. Joseph, La., since mid-December 2016 and will continue to do so for approximately eight additional months.

Residents of St. Joseph cannot drink the tap water due to high lead levels found in approximately ¼ of their homes. According to The Advocate, David Greer, who oversees the town's finances, said work has begun on a new water system. But he said that probably will not be finished at least until late September 2017.

State health officer Jimmy Guidry said St. Joseph's problems are less severe than those in Flint, Mich. He said one reason is that many people already drank bottled water, because the tap water often was brown and smelly. And children under the age of six live in only two of the houses with high lead levels.