Jun 07, 2013

Lecturer to Explore Use of Groundwater Spreadsheets

McEllhiney Distinguished Lecturer will show how spreadsheets can solve groundwater problems

NGWREF 2014 McEllhiney Distinguished Lecturer Groundwater Spreadsheets

The National Ground Water Research and Educational Foundation's 2014 McEllhiney Distinguished Lecturer Carlos Molano, PE, will present "Groundwater Spreadsheets: Efficient and Practical Resource for Solving Simple and Complex Flow, Pollution, and Environmental Problems."

Molano, cofounder and president of Hidrogeocol (formerly Hidrogeologia Colombiana Ltd.) with headquarters in Colombia, Ecuador and Panama, is also a professor of groundwater flow and pollution in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Los Andes University in Bogota, Colombia. In 2012, he received the Distinguished Latin-America Hydrogeologist Award from the Latin American Assn. for Groundwater Development.

During his lecture, Molano will show how spreadsheets — in simple form without any programming or complex mathematics — can be used to solve a wide range of groundwater problems. He will demonstrate how to apply classic hydrogeology concepts to modern hydrogeology concepts such as climate change, global warming, ecohydrology, sustainability, environmental risk assessment and remediation.

While various groundwater applications are presented mainly for Latin America, they also can be used all over the world to learn how some cost-effective solutions may be applied for many other situations. Spreadsheet topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Pumping and slug tests, step drawdown and intermittent tests;
  • Analytical and numerical solutions for groundwater flow and pollution problems;
  • Delineation of capture zones, forward and inverse particle tracking for groundwater contamination;
  • Hydrogeochemical analysis;
  • Earth resistivity soundings interpretation;
  • Land subsidence; and
  • Flow system analysis and impact of climate change in groundwater resources. 

Sites interested in hosting the 2014 McEllhiney Lecture — which will be of interest to water well contractors, groundwater scientists and environmental engineers, as well as administrators, consultants, ecologists, water resource planners and students — should complete the request form and submit it via e-mail to [email protected] by Oct. 1, 2013. No other methods of request can be accepted.

The McEllhiney Lecture Series in Water Well Technology is made possible by a grant from Franklin Electric Co.