Legend Hill Condominium Complex Uranium Treatment System

Project Year: 
Sun, 2010-04-04
Madison, Conn.
Connecticut Water Co.
60 gpm

Routine groundwater monitoring at the Legend Hill Condominiums, a 90-unit complex built in the 1980s in Madison, Conn., revealed uranium levels in excess of state and federal drinking water standards. The groundwater also supplied adjacent elementary and middle schools, leaving approximately 1,000 students particularly susceptible to contamination.

Connecticut Water Co. was able to acquire the assets of the Legend Hill water infrastructure, install treatment and serve both the condominiums and the schools. Planning for the project began in November 2008 and it was completed in August 2009.

The non-regenerable ion exchange system selected to provide uranium removal produces no liquid discharge, so discharge permitting is avoided and no sewer connection is needed. Water Remediation Technology LLC (WRT) field service personnel will remove and replace exhausted tanks and media, and WRT is responsible for transporting and disposing of the exhausted media in a facility permitted and licensed to handle low level radioactive waste, which means the utility is not liable for the collection, possession and disposal of the uranium.

“Well after a year of being in service, we continue to see treated water uranium values at or below the detection limit of 1 microgram per liter (raw water results have been as high as 200 micrograms per liter),” said Matt Stosse, special projects manager for Connecticut Water Co. “We were able to provide a solution to a community problem and also provided the Connecticut Dept. of Health a proven treatment solution to be recommended to others in the state.”