Levi's Launches Facebook Game to Fundraise for Water.org

Company will donate $250,000 for clean water projects worldwide

Levi's brand and Water.org are partnering to raise awareness about vital water issues and bring clean drinking water to people around the world. Levi's Water

Participants in the Levi's WaterTank game will help spread the word about the water crisis while supporting Water.org's global clean water projects. Consumers' daily water use habits can make a difference and even the smallest actions can make a big splash. Recent Levi Strauss & Co. research shows that one of the biggest water impacts of jeans comes from how consumers care for them. The Levi's brand is challenging consumers to re-examine their water use and make meaningful changes in how they use this it.

Consumers can take a variety of actions online to unlock water from the Levi's WaterTank. Here are a few ways consumers can help make a difference:

• Pledge to wash your jeans less, take shorter showers and adopt better laundry habits;
• Tweet something that contains the waterless hashtag (#waterless);
• Like the Levi's brand on Facebook;
• Check-in to any Levi's Store in the United States;
• Challenge friends to play the WaterTank game;
• Answer water-related trivia questions online;
• Donate money to Water.org;
• Scan a QR code in any Levi's Store in the United States; or
• Watch a Levi's and Water.org video online.

By playing the WaterTank game, participants will be entered to win prizes including Levi's Water

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