Linux-Based, Real-Time Software Platform for Managing Industrial and Plant Operations Unveiled

Verano Inc., a software provider, has introduced Performux, a real-time plant intelligence software platform. Performux is the first Linux-based plant operations software offering secure, Internet-enabled management of critical industrial operations within utilities, transportation, energy and process industries. Performux provides business managers, knowledge workers and operational personnel with "Instant Awareness" of essential operational metrics and key performance indicators, at a low total cost of ownership.

For example, large process manufacturers can use Performux to monitor production status, asset utilization and operational alerts. Performux's real-time capabilities provide the company's plant managers and senior executives with up-to-the minute information across widely distributed assets. Wireless capabilities also enable executives and managers to receive alerts at remote locations, allowing them to take immediate action in response to market drivers such as production outages or real-time pricing events.

Performux is built on the Red Hat Linux Advanced Server, the first Linux platform designed expressly for and certified by top enterprise software vendors. Performux also has a strong lineage in Unix. It is based on Verano's SCADA platform (RTAP/i - Real-Time Application Platform) with a reputation for taming some of the largest, most demanding automation challenges in the world.

"All of our customers using commercial Unix are seriously evaluating Linux as a new operating system platform because of its unsurpassed computing power, portability and scalability," said Brian Ahern, president and chief executive officer, Verano. "Combined with the security, high performance and reliability of Linux, Performux delivers the information customers need to make timely decisions, without the traditional barriers of time, media or location."


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