Liqui-Cel® Membrane Contactors Selected for High Purity Needs for Plant in China

Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactors were chosen to deoxygenate water at a Thin Film Transistor (TFT) Plant in China. The manufactured TFTs will be used primarily in mobile phone and handheld PC displays. Liqui-Cel Contactors will be installed for dissolved oxygen removal in the high-purity water system. Dissolved gasses left in the water can cause defects on the TFT surface.

The system is 483 m3/hr (2127 gpm) and will utilize Liqui-Cel 10 x 28 membrane contactors. The membrane contactors will be used to remove dissolved oxygen from saturation to less than 100 parts per billion (ppb). The contactors are capable of removing dissolved oxygen to 1 ppb. They will operate in combo mode where a small amount of nitrogen and vacuum will be used.

The contactors offer a modular compact solution for dissolved gas control. They have been delivered to the OEM who will begin system fabrication this month. The contactors are part of an overall water treatment system, which is scheduled to start-up in Q2 of 2004.

Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactors are used for adding or removing O2, CO2 and N2 to or from liquids in the Semiconductor, Power, Pharmaceutical, Photographic, Food and Beverage, and many other general industries.

O2 negatively impacts many processes; it is corrosive and can oxidize many materials. In the power and industrial areas, piping and equipment are susceptible to corrosion. Specifically to the semiconductor market, high levels of O2 can cause lower product yields. Additionally, CO2 negatively impacts performance of EDI and Ion Exchange. The Liqui-Cel Contactors offer a modular solution for O2/CO2 removal before these technologies without chemicals. Liqui-Cel Contactors are also used to add gasses to liquids to enhance megasonic cleaning. For example, the beverage industry can use the contactors for carbonation, nitrogenation and O2 removal.


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