LiveWell Water Launches Healthy Hydration System

The system gives consumers the ability to filter, enhance & customize their water

LiveWell Water Healthy Hydration System

LiveWell Water launched the Healthy Hydration System, a dispensing cap that allows consumers to filter and enhance their water with the company's organic HealthyPure tablets. The proprietary cap delivery system features an attachable filter and enhancement chamber, where water is first filtered and then enhanced as you drink. Healthy Pure tablets, made from organic super fruits, retain and deliver 100% of their original nutrition and flavor.

The LiveWell Healthy Hydration system is available now on Kickstarter.

"Until now, there hasn't been a healthy alternative to sport drinks loaded with sugar and artificial flavors," said LiveWell CEO Rick Anson. "Our new system is based on fresh filtered water, is 100% natural, contains no added sugar, and delivers true nutritional benefits."

The system is designed to be a reusable, eco-friendly way to filter and enhance both tap and bottled water. LiveWell gives consumers their choice in which bottle they use by attaching to their favorite brand of bottled water or LiveWell's own line of environmentally friendly, reusable ECO bottles. By filtering tap water directly from the ECO bottle, consumers can prevent hundreds of disposable bottles from ending up in landfills every month.

Water first flows through the replaceable LiveWell Fresh Filter, removing chlorine, total trihalomethanes (a byproduct of chlorine), pesticides, herbicides and pharmaceutical and personal care products. These chemicals may be found in tap water all over the country. The filter's silver-impregnated activated carbon cloth is registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for its ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria.

The filtered water then flows into the enhancement chamber, where the HealthyPure tablet is placed. The tablet dissolves slowly, being consumed entirely over the course of one bottle of water. Vitamins and antioxidants can lose their potency by sitting in premixed drinks, but by delivering the HealthyPure tablet through the enhancement chamber, the nutrients stay fresh and maintain their original strength and integrity.

The resulting powders found in HealthyPure tablets retain 100% of their original nutrition and flavor. The tablets are portable, no refrigeration is required, and they can be stored for up to three years.


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