Loans Now Available for Local Water Supply Project Feasibility Studies and Construction Projects

The Department of Water Resources has announced a loan program that provides construction and feasibility study loans to local public agencies for the development of local water supplies. Currently $10.9 million is available under this program with limits of $5 million for each construction project and $500,000 for each feasibility study. The Department is soliciting applications, which may be filed continuously. Applications will be evaluated and funds awarded on a first come first served basis. Applications should be submitted to

The Department of Water Resources

Loans and Grants Program

PO Box 942836

Sacramento CA 94236-0001

Attention: Linda Buchanan

Applicants may download application packages at the Division of Planning and Local Assistance Grants and Loans Web site at

The funds were made available by the Water Conservation Bond Law of 1988, approved by California voters in November 1988, which authorizes DWR to administer the program.

The Department of Water Resources operates and maintains the State Water Project, provides dam safety and flood control and inspection services, assists local water districts in water management and water conservation planning, and plans for future statewide water needs.

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