Sep 30, 2011

Locally Produced Rain Barrels Boost Chesapeake Bay Storm Water Programs

Company announces production of barrels, aiming to improve quality of rivers flowing into bay

RiverSides started production of 750 RiverSafe RainBarrels at the Ellicott City, Md. facilities of C.R. Daniels Inc. for the District of Columbia’s RiverSmart Homes program.

“These are top of the line barrels that capture two times the amount of roof runoff of a normal rain barrel. They are very well engineered, being more mosquito-proof and easier to maintain than conventional barrels,” said Steve Saari, watershed protection specialist for the D.C. Department of the Environment.

“Every RiverSafe RainBarrel contributes significantly to the beneficial improvement of rivers flowing to Chesapeake Bay,” said Peter Ensign, executive director DC Greenworks and RiverSides partner.

RiverSides is anticipating this move will enhance its ability to develop partnerships to protect urban rivers such as the Elizabeth River Project’s River Star Homes program serving the Virginia towns of Portsmouth, Chesapeake and Virginia Beach.