Maine Geochemist to Head Water Resources Group

University of Maine Geochemist to Take Center Stage on National WaterIssues

Steve Kahl has been named president-elect of the National Institutes for Water Resources, an organization made up of 54 research institutes from across the United States.

In his new role, Kahl will be called on to testify before Congress and work with natural resources agencies to ensure that lawmakers have the science they need to make good water policy.

Kahl disapproves of the Bush administration's overemphasis on oil shortages and energy needs. He said this focus has diverted attention from significant problems with the nation's water resources.

"What is the one thing that's essential for human life, that is absolutely not replenishable?" he asked. "Water."

Kahl has served as director of the university's George J. Mitchell Center for Environmental and Watershed Research, one of the institutes that comprise the national organization.

One of Kahl's primary goals is to write a grant to create a national graduate education network through the institute's 54 campuses.

"The more globally you can view things, the more effectively you can act locally," Kahl said.

Associated Press

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