Jun 25, 2008

Making Good Connections Better

In today’s marketplace, successful companies know that innovation is the key to future growth. John Guest, a company well-known for its smaller, standard fittings has developed a new line of Speedfit push-in fittings featuring Twist and Lock technology—a unique feature that delivers added security. Customers note the ease of installation and simplicity these new fittings deliver.

John Guest has been in the business of making connections since the early 1970s. The company has a staff of 1,000 at its manufacturing headquarters in the U.K. and another 200 people at John Guest companies in the U.S., Korea, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, New Zealand and Australia.

The company’s fittings are specified as original equipment by many leading manufacturers and are used extensively by market leaders in the water quality, automotive, compressed air and brewing industries. Production of the JG Speedfit system is currently running at more than 150 million units per year.

The company’s longstanding commitment to product innovation and development has led to the introduction of the Twist and Lock fittings. “It is a push-to-connect product, similar to our standard John Guest fittings,” said Kim Atkins, national sales manager, OEM/Industrial Div., John Guest USA. “The twist-and-lock feature is what makes this different from anything else that may be out there, in that it will assure that the fitting is locked in place and can’t accidentally be removed because of vibrations … if you had it on something that was moving. It is fixed in place in a much more secure way.”

New Idea, Better Fitting

The Twist and Lock fittings, like the company’s standard fittings, have a collet with stainless steel teeth that grip the pipe when fully inserted, and an O-ring to provide a permanent leak-proof seal.

The unique benefit of the Twist and Lock fitting is that the twisting of the screw-cap puts greater compression on the O-ring seal and locks pipe in place for greater security. It is disconnected by twisting the screw-cap back to the unlock position and can then be reused without the need for replacement parts.

While John Guest is a familiar name in the industry because of its smaller fittings, many water dealers may not be aware that the company makes larger fittings (CTS sizes), such as these Twist and Lock fittings, which can be used for whole-house filters, water softeners, commercial RO and general plumbing applications.

Watertight Quality

One unique application of the Twist and Lock fittings demonstrates their versatility, as they will help provide potable water at sea. Loughborough Marine Interests, LLC (LMI), a Newport, R.I.-based company specializing in yacht refit, repair, construction and coordination services, chose to install the Twist and Lock fittings on a water system in the “Elizabeth Reid,” a luxury express sport fisherman expected to launch in fall 2008.

“We are building a 48-ft sport fisherman for a client, and this is what we are using for the watermaker,” said David Loughborough, partner, LMI. They are using the T fittings to “T-off” the various appliances, whether a sink tap, showerhead or washdown pump, from the main front lines running through the boat.

What attracted LMI to install these fittings on the “Elizabeth Reid” was “the neatness with which it can be installed, and also the push-lock aspect of it,” Loughborough said. “They have gone to some lengths to ensure that stuff can be installed and keep it looking neat. Aesthetics is important.”

Ease of installation is another key benefit of the Twist and Lock fittings. “It couldn’t be any simpler,” Loughborough said. “Most of the fittings that you find on pumps, hot water heater tanks, stuff like that, have made provisions for connection to these guys.”

Tested & Approved

John Guest’s Speedfit fittings have been tested and approved by various certification agencies. Speedfit complies with the Uniform Plumbing Code, International Plumbing Code, IAPMO, NSF/ANSI Standard 14 and NSF Standard 61–Certification for Drinking Water System Components and Materials. John Guest also has been a BS EN ISO 9001 Registered Company since 1989.

While water dealers may look primarily to NSF/ANSI standards, the plumbing standards to which Speedfit fittings are approved are important, according to Maribel Pagan, marketing communications manager, John Guest USA, because they are more stringent and require products to be able to handle hot and cold water.

About the author

Rebecca Wilhelm is assistant editor for Water Quality Products. Wilhelm can be reached at 847.954.7958 or by e-mail at [email protected].