Mar 16, 2016

Manufacturer's Section Meeting Highlights Standards

Panelists discussed why standards were developed, future direction of program

manufacturer's section meeting, panel, standards

The Manufacturer’s Section Meeting at the WQA Convention & Exposition featured a panel discussion regarding the development of the WQA/ASPE/ANSI S-802 and S-803 standards for Sustainable Water Treatment Media and Sustainable Water Treatment Systems.

The panel presented a brief history of the Sustainability Certification Program/Standards (including why they were developed and how they serve the current and future needs of the industry), as well as discussed the future direction of the program. In particular, panelists addressed the rationale behind the current efforts to expand the scope of the S-802 standard to include Ion Exchange Resin, and to expand the scope of the S-803 standard to include Softeners.

 Panelists included Pentair’s Douglas Karge, WQA’s Stuart Mann and Pacific Purification, Inc.’s Clifford Fasnacht. Hydro Source, LLC President Donald McGhee moderated the panel.