Manufacturing Company Announces Test Lab Improvements

BrassCraft Mfg. added equipment and improved the layout of its wet lab to perform tests required by industry certifiers, including ASME, CSA, ASSE, ASTM and ANSI

BrassCraft Manufacturing

BrassCraft Mfg. has improved its capability by adding additional equipment and improving the layout of its wet lab to perform tests required by the majority of the industry's certifiers, including ASME, CSA, ASSE, ASTM and ANSI.

"The test lab allows us to maintain our high level of quality while continuing to meet the compliance requirements of the latest product standards," said Bill Turnau, test lab manager. "The additional capacity also drives competitive testing to better understand changing designs and technologies in the marketplace."

The improved facility includes many areas of testing, including metrology, mechanical, fatigue and environmental testing. "By complementing the many services currently provided to us by the Masco R&D facility, we were able to avoid unnecessary duplication of resources while substantially improving our ability to measure our progress, as well as that of our competitors," said Mahesh Cheerla, director of technology.

The lab improvements also assist with the new line of no-lead brass stops, braided water connectors, hot water heater connectors and fittings that meet the provisions of the Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act. This nationwide legislation becomes effective on Jan. 4, 2014, but customers can begin the transition to the new products immediately.

"These improvements greatly assist our ability to manage the changing legislation, codes and water quality issues that have become more commonplace in our industry,” Cheerla said.

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