Jun 26, 2012

Maryland Passes Water Quality Legislation

ZeroWater is praising Maryland’s clean water initiatives

The state of Maryland recently passed legislation to provide more funding to improve the quality of the Chesapeake Bay, storm water pollution rates and improve wastewater treatment plants. These initiatives are all in response to deteriorating water quality, a problem that ZeroWater is helping consumers address with its advancements in water filtration.

A recent article highlights Maryland's efforts to improve water quality in the state. The article stresses that clean water is essential for good health and a priority to state officials. ZeroWater applauds Maryland's efforts and is committed to continue to deliver clean tap water to consumers through its countertop filtration pitchers.

"Water is imperative to life and well-being, and the state of Maryland's commitment to improving water systems is noteworthy," said Doug Kellam, CEO for ZeroWater. "As Maryland works to improve water quality across the state, ZeroWater will ensure that the tap water Maryland residents consume is 99.9% free of total dissolved solids (TDS)."

Additionally, Maryland is looking into runoff prevention and reduction measures to preserve water quality. Gov. Martin O'Malley signed a bill that doubled the Bay Restoration Fund. The fund supports improving wastewater treatment plants, reducing nitrogen in septic systems and planting cover crops. Another recent bill was passed to establish storm water utility fees to address both urban and suburban pollution caused by storm water. The state is paying close attention to removing phosphorous and nitrogen from public water sources. These harmful elements, also known as TDS, are found in many local water sources that supply home tap water systems.

ZeroWater filters are recognized by both the Water Quality Assn. and NSF Intl. for designing the only tap water filtration system that can eliminate virtually all TDS.