Mazzei and GDT to Merge

Mazzei Injector Corp. recently announced a merger with GDT Water Process Corp., a water treatment equipment company specializing in ozone treatment and VOC stripping applications using patented pressurized dissolution and degassing technology in the industrial and municipal water arena.

GDT will become a division of Mazzei Injector Corp. and will continue to offer its patented systems and processes along with its engineering expertise under the Mazzei Injector banner.

Paul Overbeck, president of GDT and immediate past chairman of International Ozone Association, will lead a team of engineers and sales representatives for the continued growth of Mazzei/GDT products and processes within water and wastewater treatment markets.

Overbeck commented "our focus will be on the development of a strong, technically competent global distribution and service system for Mazzei and GDT applications of ozone, aeration, and chemical feed for the commercial, industrial, municipal and agricultural industries."

The alliance of the two companies enables a more structured focus on core Mazzei Injector and GDT products and processes.

Angelo Mazzei, president of Mazzei Injector Corporation stated "this synergistic approach utilizes the combination of talents, strengths, and capabilities of both businesses to expand the manufacturing, distribution, and sales of our proprietary technologies."


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