Membrane Filtration on the Rise

The need for freshwater continues to grow worldwide, and with it so does the need for advanced water treatment systems. Decreasing sources of freshwater, aging U.S. infrastructure systems and growing public concern about water quality has led to an increased interest in membrane filtration technology.

Membrane filtration is a reliable water treatment technology because it is cost-effective;

it can be used with relatively low amounts of energy; and it guarantees consistent removal of particles without the addition of chemicals.

According to a recent McIlvaine report, consumer and industrial demands for clean water will drive the market for cross-flow membrane systems to more than $11 billion in 2011, up from $8.3 billion in 2007. Nearly half of that total (45%) will be for reverse osmosis systems. Microfiltration will account for 30% of the market, and ultrafiltration and nanofiltration will account for 20%.

The rapid market growth for membrane filtration systems will continue as the population booms and stringent drinking water regulations and standards are implemented. The need to deliver high quality drinking water to remote populations will also continue to grow the worldwide market, and technologies such as microfiltration—which has been proven to capture microorganisms responsible for outbreaks of illnesses due to water quality more effectively than multimedia—have and will continue to expand.

As interest in membrane technology continues to grow, the editorial staff of Water Quality Products is pleased to bring you the 2007-2008 edition of Membrane Filtration—A Guide to Current Technologies and Applications.

In a continued effort to provide you with the most current membrane water treatment technologies, Membrane Filtration is filled with a variety of technical articles, special focus articles, case studies and product information.

For additional membrane information available at your fingertips, be sure to visit our Membrane Filtration Zone, an online informational zone covering the latest advancements in small system membrane technologies, available at These comprehensive sources will offer you the information you need to get ahead in the water treatment industry.

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