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Reverse Osmosis

EcoWater launches tankless reverse osmosis system

Nov. 27, 2023
EcoWater Systems’s new tankless reverse osmosis system, eflow, features continuous flow, a space-saving design and user-friendly filter replacement.
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Reverse Osmosis

What is Reverse Osmosis & How Does it Work?

Jan. 21, 2022
Breaking down reverse osmosis technology and how it works

Editorial Letter: Chicago Field Museum 'The State of Water'

Jan. 21, 2022
This article originally appeared in Water Quality Products February issue 2020 as "A New Perspective"
POU Filters

EPA Publishes Notice of Intent to Consider Drafting WaterSense Specification for POU RO Systems

Jan. 12, 2022
Releasing the NOI will collect feedback on potential efficiency and performance criteria that may be required for these systems to earn the WaterSense label.

PFAS Removal Technologies

Nov. 16, 2021
Taking a look at the history of PFAS, removal technologies & the future of these contaminants