Meters & Probes Test Range of Wastewater Treatment Plant Parameters

HQd series meters and IntelliCAL probes are specifically designed for the demanding environment of a wastewater treatment plant. Both the rugged IP-67-rated portable meters and the bench top meters deliver accurate measurement of influent, effluent and process streams. They offer plant operators and lab personnel simple, intuitive operation – calibration and measurements can be easily performed right out of the box. The large, bright backlit displays are easy to read at night and during the day. The meters also offer advanced features such as internal data storage and the ability to enter user IDs and sample IDs to ensure data integrity.

Both field and laboratory probes are available to measure pH, DO, conductivity and ORP. A line of ISEs also is available to measure ammonium, ammonia, chloride, fluoride nitrate and sodium. Because all calibration data is captured and stored on the digital probes, smaller facilities can use a single multi-parameter meter to perform multiple measurements accurately and cost-effectively.

All meters and probes can be ordered individually or as prepackaged kits that include all of the necessary accessories for a particular application – buffers, electrode stand, field cases and more.


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