Mikrosam is designing and producing high-tech computer controlled machines for production of composite materials. We produce Filament Winding machines, Impregnating machines, Automated fiber placement and tape laying machines, additional auxiliary equipment and related software solutions. These machines are used in the aviation, aerospace and automobile industry, industry for storage and transport of gas and oil, transport of water and waste water, chemical industry, composite insulators and so on. The expert team of Mikrosam, with 30 years of experience, thoroughly engaged in the research and development of composite materials and products and the production of modern winding equipment. Modern equipment, as well as computer control systems and software developed by our company, provide our customers with the use of new and competitive technologies in their production process, which encourages the rapid development of composites industry.


Krusevski pat bb
Prilep, Macedonia 7500
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of
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Krusevski pat bb
Phone: +38948400100
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